What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

I get the tremendous privilege of shedding some light on the name Illume today. (See what I did there?)

Names are so important. First impressions, last impressions, identity, roots, foundation. Names hold weight, carry and up-lift. I love names.

So when Amber asked me to write about the name of her business, I jumped on it. I love knowing what’s behind a name.

Trying to encompass her passion for helping people and explain her work, the word illumination stuck out to her. Help and healing come when you begin to shine light into dark places. You can start to see clearly, and get to the root of the problem. After identifying the problem, Illume helps people to understand the why.

Why do I feel this way? Sometimes identifying the problem isn’t enough. We need to shed some light on why…why do I feel this? Helping their clients understand that his or her real feelings have real reason behind them, that’s the goal of Illume. Shining light into the shadows of our lives, we can find the real root. Sometimes we just need a little help shining light into the darker places, remembering well, understanding it’s okay to go there, this is where Illume comes in. Helping to illuminate the dark places.

Amber searched for synonyms for illumination, the word Illume came up. It sparked a light, so to speak, because words used to describe Illume also describe exactly how she wants to help you (um, us). I absolutely love this. These words are for the better of the whole person. This style of counseling is to help each individual ultimately have the tools to live their best life.

Better. Bettering the whole person.

Clarify & Define. Identifying the problem.

Enlighten. Helping people to understand their feelings.

Illustrate. Showing what is contributing to his or her problem.

Improve Providing tools needed to help people learn to help themselves.

Insight Exploring and understanding.

Shedding light on. Illuminating the dark. Going into the unknown. Digging deeper.

Illume illustrates just perfectly the style of counseling people need. Our friends are here to help. To bring coping mechanisms and tools and words for when we don’t have them. I hope you get a chance to sit down with the lovely people of Illume. I hope you get to the place of healing that only shining light into those dark places can do. I hope understanding the name Illume is really just the first step toward help.

“The first step is always exploring and understanding, then I can give people the tools they need to help resolve their issues.” Amber Lowenstein, Illume

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