Supportive Care program

Announcing Our New Supportive Care Program!

Not in crisis, but need to talk to a mental health
professional soon? Have an urgent issue and don’t want to
be put on a waitlist to see a counselor?

We have same or next day openings for urgent appointments, please call us to check availability!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, highly anxious,
or experiencing a stressful event such as…

Loss of a loved one

A traumatic event in your school or community

A recent relationship issue or break up

Conflict with a family member or friend

Availability is not guaranteed as appointment times may fill quickly.

The Supportive Care Program is not for those experiencing
thoughts of hurting themselves or others. Anyone experiencing
these concerns should call 911, their local crisis line,
or go to their local emergency room.

Most insurances accepted and self-pay options are available.

Get caring, professional support when you need it most!